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Please note that some stock might be out of stock due to import restrictions from China. We are hoping to be fully stocked again soon.

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Du Vine Beauty has been in the lash and beauty industry for the last 4 Years. Our main business is lash extentions. We have done extensive research to import only the best lash products and tools at most affordable prices.


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The benefits of eyelash extensions is a long and luscious lashes, this is what almost every woman wants to have: longer, fuller and fluttery eyelashes. Add volume to your own lashes and enhance your natural look with , Semi Permanent Natural Looking lash extensions.

The Fabulous Aire™ Revitaliser uses unique essential oil formulations and water to clean and revitalise the air. It:

  • Traps and removes dust, pollen, microbes, chemicals and other pollutants from the air

  • Vaporizes essential oils for aroma-therapeutic benefits

  • Neutralizes airborne bacteria, viruses and fungi

  • Increases moisture and enhances oxygen levels in the air

  • Increases negative ions to eliminate static and lower stress levels

  • Eliminates bad smell from food, smoke, dander, household chemicals and other odours and leaves a refreshing aroma

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